What to Say When Someone Calls You Pretty on Instagram

What to Say When Someone Calls You Pretty on Instagram

what to say when someone calls you pretty on instagram

When a guy calls you pretty on Instagram, the first thing you should do is thank him for mentioning you. Although it’s likely that he’s not trying to be disrespectful, you don’t want to come across as disrespectful, because it will just give off a bad impression to his followers. Here’s what you should do instead:

Complimenting a guy

How do you respond to compliments from men on social media? The best way is to be genuine and say something that conveys your appreciation. Men tend to disregard compliments, while women acknowledge them when they receive them. Fortunately, there are many effective ways to show a guy you appreciate his comments. Here are three effective strategies to help you get the attention of a man.

First, do not respond by saying you’re gorgeous or that you’re cute. Most guys prefer to call women pretty out of appreciation, and are more likely to compliment the whole body than a particular aspect of their appearance. If a guy calls you pretty, he might be addressing his personality rather than your physical appearance. Instead of calling you pretty, try saying something more revealing about your character.

Thanking a guy

If a guy makes the mistake of calling you pretty on Instagram, there are ways to make him feel good about himself. One of the most obvious ways is to thank him for his compliment. Whether he called you beautiful, attractive, or just cute, it can lift your spirits. Whether he meant it as a compliment or a simple compliment, thanking him for his kind words can make him feel appreciated.

Another way to thank a guy for calling you pretty is to respond to his compliments with a simple “thank you.” This will let him know that you appreciate his kind words and keep the conversation flowing. Just make sure that you do not share any personal information, or you could end up in the hands of a stalker. This will make you seem less vulnerable and will make the other guy feel more comfortable.

Taking into account where he’s from

Taking into account where he’s located is very important when dealing with people who call you pretty on Instagram. He may not mean an insult, but you don’t want to respond disrespectfully. That could put you in a negative light with your followers. So, you should always respond respectfully to such comments. Here are some ways to handle people who call you pretty on Instagram.

Always remember that people on Instagram like you and are following you for a reason. That means they follow you for a reason and may unfollow you if you call them pretty. This is the perfect opportunity to show them how much you respect them and appreciate their comments. Regardless of your age, don’t let him down by calling you pretty on Instagram! Keep it respectful.

Taking into account whether he’s a jerk

In general, people like to look at pretty things, so if a man makes you feel this way, it probably means he’s a jerk. While you might be tempted to reply with “Thanks,” you might want to tread carefully. In fact, you might want to avoid responding to social media likes altogether. In addition to not responding to their comments, men should avoid using overt non-verbal actions to gawk at women. Outward head turning, drooling, and abruptly stopping a conversation are not acceptable. If a man tries to do these things constantly, he may be a jerk.

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