What Does Shadow Banned Mean on Instagram

What Does Shadow Banned Mean on Instagram?

What does a shadow ban on Instagram mean? A shadow ban is when your posts are invisible to users who do not follow you or to certain hashtags you use. Unorthodox content is content that does not meet the standards set by Instagram. It is also not recommended to rely on bots or use too many hashtags. If your engagement has dramatically decreased, then you may have been shadow-banned. Instagram changes its algorithm often, so if you notice a sudden decline in your engagement, it is likely that you have been shadow-banned.

Using certain hashtags can result in a shadowban

Instagram has been cracking down on the content posted within hashtags, and certain content can cause your account to be banned. NSFW posts are a common problem in some hashtags, and Instagram has been increasingly sensitive to R18 content. Broken hashtags do not have a top posts section and you won’t be able to scroll past the first page of images. If your hashtag is broken, you risk being banned, and it will be very difficult to get your account back.

While there is no official list of which hashtags are banned, some are. You can check if a certain hashtag is banned by doing a Google search. If it’s not, make sure to check the hashtag’s functionality before using it. Repetition of posts with the same link or posting similar content may result in a shadowban. Try to avoid hand-generated spam and post fresh content.

You can test whether using certain hashtags can cause a shadowban by searching with the hashtag you’re using. If your post is hidden by the shadowban, you can find out by finding a hashtag with a lower engagement rate than usual. Instagram will often hide posts with controversial hashtags if you report them. If this happens to you, it’s important to report the problem.

Unorthodox content is invisible to users who don’t already follow you

If you’re looking to make your Unorthodox content visible to everyone on Instagram, it can be a bit difficult. The reason for this is that Instagram has limits on who you can follow, unfollow, like, and comment on posts. If you are using bots or other automated methods, they will catch on and potentially flag you for shadowbanned. It’s not clear whether shadowbanned accounts will be banned, though, so you’ll have to rely on your own judgment.

Taking a break from instagram can help lift a ban

If you are wondering if a shadow ban can be lifted, consider these three steps. First of all, avoid using tactics that get you reported a lot on Instagram. This includes sending a lot of DMs, interacting with too many people, and using hashtags that aren’t appropriate for your account. Also, Instagram has become incredibly strict with their algorithms, so it can be challenging to fool them. By taking a break from the app for at least two to seven days, you’ll likely be able to lift your shadow ban.

Another way to fix an Instagram shadowban is to take a break from the app. Specifically, if your account is being restricted, try deleting it for two days and re-installing it. Then, try engaging in a more genuine way when you return to the app. This will help you fly under the radar of Instagram and avoid being reported. Also, try to avoid using automated apps or bots. If you use bots to manage your account, you should consider disabling the access to those accounts.

Finally, if you have been banned from Instagram, it might be time to try reporting your account to IG. Although Instagram isn’t going to respond to support requests, they will read them and take action as needed. By following their rules and limiting your activity on the app, you’ll be able to lift your shadow ban. But, this solution won’t work if you haven’t followed Instagram’s terms of service 100 percent of the time.

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