Instagram Tips – What Is 1:1 Ratio For Instagram Photos?

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Taking the perfect photo for Instagram requires a certain composition. There are some tips to help you achieve this, including knowing what to post on your profile and when to use landscape or portrait. Besides that, this guide will also help you choose an appropriate IGTV cover photo. Keep reading to learn more. You can also follow our guide for 4:5 portrait photos. Here’s what you need to know. Keep these tips in mind to take the best photos for Instagram.


Unlike many photo-sharing apps, Instagram allows you to post photos in the portrait 1:1 aspect ratio. In the early days, photos uploaded to Instagram had to be cropped to fit a square. While this limitation has been lifted, vertical photos still have some limitations. While this isn’t the end of the world, you should still follow Instagram’s guidelines to avoid unwanted cropping. Listed below are the recommended dimensions for different types of Instagram content.

To get the best Instagram dimensions, crop your photo to the 1:1 aspect ratio. You can crop your photo to fit into this ratio by ensuring that it’s at least 1080×1080 pixels. Alternatively, you can crop your photo manually and upload it to Instagram. However, make sure your photo looks good with the 1:1 aspect ratio, or else it won’t be posted. Make sure you take your photos in the right aspect ratio to maximize their potential.


In order to post a photo on Instagram, it must meet certain requirements. It must be 1080 x 1350 pixels wide and have a ratio of 1.91:1. This is the ideal size for group shots, scenery photos, and scenery-themed photos. But it can be a challenge to create images with the right dimensions. Generally, you should aim to use a 1:1 ratio. However, if you want to post an image that is in the landscape orientation, you should consider cropping your photo to a square shape.

Earlier, Instagram only supported photos that had a square aspect ratio. That is, users had to crop their images to fit the 1:1 ratio. But now, this limitation is gone, as the app allows users to upload portrait and landscape pictures in different aspect ratios. Users can now choose between three different aspect ratios when posting a photo: 1.91:1 (square), 1.91:1 (portrait), and 4:5. If you choose to upload a landscape photo on Instagram, it’s recommended to follow the same ratio as your other photos to avoid causing a problem.

IGTV cover photo

When setting up your IGTV channel, you should be sure to upload a high-quality IGTV cover photo in the 1:1 ratio. These cover photos are smaller thumbnails of your video content that appear on the scrollable wall of channels. You can choose from a variety of images that are centered on the vertical background. To maximize the size of your photo, make sure it is at least 654 x 420 pixels with a ratio of 1:1.55.

After uploading your IGTV cover photo, you cannot edit it. If you choose a photo that is in the middle of a video, you can select it from your camera roll. You can also choose a frame from your video. The IGTV cover photo will be in the center, covered by the video’s time stamp and your username. Once you’ve selected a photo, you can preview it before sharing it.

4:5 portrait

The most ideal aspect ratio for a 4:5 portrait image on Instagram is 1080 x 1350 pixels. If your image is cropped too much, you can use third-party apps to extend it, but a good rule of thumb is to upload a portrait photo with the proper resolution and aspect ratio. Below are some tips to make your photos look their best on Instagram. You can also use negative space to extend your image.

You can also use a white background to make your image look its best. In addition, this aspect ratio works great on mobile cameras, and you can even crop an image of a different aspect ratio to fit the size of the Instagram post. However, remember that you cannot upload videos longer than 30 seconds, screenshots, or stories. If you are shooting portrait images, you may be tempted to crop the image to make it look good.


You’re not alone in wanting to maximize the use of your Instagram photos. If you’re looking to share your best photos, you’ll want to think about cropping them. The perfect square photo size is approximately 1080px by 1080px. The ratio of these dimensions is one of the best for Instagram. When cropping your photos, make sure you keep the aspect ratio of your image as 1:1 as possible. That way, Instagram will know how to best display your images on the app.

While it’s true that square photos aren’t the only ones that look good on Instagram, you shouldn’t be sacrificing quality for a better viewing experience. When you upload a square Instagram photo, you should remember that the Instagram grid will automatically crop all of your images to this aspect ratio. This is the best format for framing your products or creating a cohesive grid. For the best results, you should use photos with an aspect ratio of 1:1 and a resolution of 1080px x 1080px. The final displayed image will be closer to 600px x 600px.


Instagram has started laying the foundation for a vertical Stories feed, and a screenshot of the app’s code was shared on Twitter earlier this month. Since the introduction of the Stories feature, Instagram has focused on video content, primarily in response to rival TikTok. Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri announced the change in July 2021, and noted that the new format would be mobile-first and full screen. It’s unclear whether the new format will include the vertical feed in its mobile app, but it would make sense for the company.

Instagram offers a variety of post formats, including landscape and vertical images. In addition to square and horizontal posts, Instagram Stories would also favor video posts over images. The platform is tweaking its algorithms and design to make Reels more prominent, and indie creators are leveraging this feature to grow their followings. But what should you post on Instagram? Here are some tips:

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