How to Share Music on Spotify and Instagram Stories

How to Share Music on Spotify and Instagram Stories

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When you want to share music, it’s good to know that both Spotify and Instagram have a great sharing feature. In fact, you can listen to music right from your Instagram Story. To do so, tap the “Play on Spotify” link in the upper left corner of your Story. Then, you can add a playlist or a video to your story. Troubleshooting is easy too. You can also find help and support for both apps at the Spotify website.

Share music on Instagram

If you’re a Spotify user, you can easily share music on Instagram stories. The app works with both iPhone and Android devices. To add songs to your Instagram story, you can search for the music sticker icon, then tap it. Your song will then be displayed in the app, along with a thumbnail preview. You can also select to display lyrics if you want to share them with others. Spotify also allows you to add playlists and podcasts to your Instagram stories.

Another feature of Spotify’s integration with Instagram is custom cover art, which you can use to share your favorite music with friends. These covers appear on your Instagram stories, and contain an embedded link. When someone clicks on the link, they can listen to your Spotify content. When sharing the story, users can also tap the “Play on Spotify” or “Open Spotify” buttons to start listening to the song. Spotify also offers customizable cover art stickers for Instagram users.

Adding a playlist

There are a few different ways to add a playlist to Spotify or Instagram. Adding a playlist is a fun way to connect with fans and get them to listen to your music. A good image should reflect the content of the playlist. You can use free stock photos or a plain background with text. If you want your audience to know what kind of music is on your playlist, consider putting a calming or meditative image on it.

Adding a playlist is easy on Spotify. The app allows you to share it with friends via email, social media, text message, and URL. The steps vary based on the device, so be sure to check the features of your device before attempting to share your playlist. Once you’ve shared the playlist, you can invite your friends to listen to it as well! You can also share it with other Spotify users in DMs by pasting the URL of the playlist.

Adding a video to an Instagram story

Adding a video to your Instagram story is an easy way to get a music-related post up on the platform. However, the audio track is lost when the story is downloaded. Fortunately, there are third-party apps available for this purpose, which allow you to sync the song to the picture or video you post. Read on for more information about adding a video to your Instagram story.

Adding a video to your Instagram story can be a simple process if you know how to use the Music Library. It is not as simple to add music to a regular video, however. The process is more complicated if you are using video editing software or want to use music from your personal library. Fortunately, there are apps that make it easy to add music to Instagram stories, so the process should be simple and quick.


Spotify and Instagram are two apps that you should be aware of when you encounter troubles. Spotify may not load the app, or you might get an error message when you try to upload or download a new song. In such cases, it is best to reinstall the app, or to try a different browser. However, reinstalling the app may not solve all problems. You can follow the steps below to troubleshoot Spotify and Instagram problems.

To be safe, restart both Spotify and Instagram to see if this helps. Both services are currently experiencing issues related to message failures, and they are currently investigating the problem. As of 4:01pm ET on Tuesday, Spotify has been back online for most users. The Discord website, meanwhile, noted that work is underway to fix the issues, and it has fully restored service. The company blamed the issues on a malfunctioning component of Google Cloud.

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