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Fun Blog Ideas In Fashion Niches: Naming & Topics

Blog 2020 should be entertaining and bright, powered with top memes and CIFs. Otherwise, people close articles after reading the first sentence. A catchy blog name and idea is half of success. Regardless of you are looking for fun blog ideas for a fashion blog or fun lifestyle blog ideas, reading this article up to the end is advantageous. You will understand:

  1. how to name your blog funnily and entertainingly;
  2. how to come up with fun blog niche ideas. 

Fun blog ideas: tools and services for naming

When you come up with an emerging blog in fashion, the first thing you should begin with is a catchy name. Unless you have started writing for sided platforms like Medium, you will likely create the independent blog as soon as you win over your audience. Well, the public you write for is sensitive to naming and aesthetics, so that you should keep in mind every detail in order to stand out the crowd. 

How to come up with a fun blog name ideas? Use these proven and tested kit:

#1 Use the magic formula of naming

Well, when the one and the only idea hasn’t come to your mind yet, make use of mathematics. Real formula created by successful marketers and branding geniuses will stop the brainstorm struggling and guesswork:

Area/Niche name + The blog object = Universal Blog Name

This equation might look dubious. But look at the examples to evaluate its power:

Stylists + Getting Real Job Offers = Stylist Greenback

This blog name is to the point and unique. The reader will assume he gets practical tips on how to capitalize when working as a freelancer or for a company before reading the narratives. 

Makeup Artists + Create a portfolio = MUA Photography. 

Tip: Use SEO keys to convert your funny blog name into a promotion tool. 

Have a go and experiment to generate the proper blog title. Keep on reading to explore even more easy tips on naming! 

funny blog

#2 The power of portmanteau

Portmanteaus are not just a fun blog post ideas in fashion but also a naming technique. This tool means that a blog name fuses two or more meanings. 

Did you know that a podcast is a mix of iPod and broadcast? Funny and applicable for any blog name. 

Let’s imagine your funny blog niche is sustainable fashion uncovering proven tips of creating haute-couture items from reusable plastic bags. What can be the name:

  1. Write down all the associations and synonyms:

Ethical, Green, Closet, Sustainable, Haute-couture

  2. Blend 2 fitting words in a funny way:


Voila – thank you, funny and easy Portmanteaus tool! 

Continue reading this guide to have in-depth insights on the fun blog ideas in the fashion industry!  

#3 Take advantage of blog name generators

Yes, the process of creating is rather energy-consuming than funny. In order to save time and make it straight-forward, you can use free generators of blog names online. Obviously, you can use the tool for the website name as well. 

  • Wordoid

This tool is convenient and widely used by authors and influencers worldwide. The interface is clear-cut and allows you are fixing the following settings:

  1. Multi-language. You can choose any language so that the creator analyses the specifications and make the correct name. Essentially, you can mix different languages in one name. 
  2. Custom design. You can adjust the name pattern just as you want. Add a funny part of the name by yourself, and the generator suggests you the proper combination. 
  3. The number of symbols. As a rule, short names for a blog are easier to remember, and they have a better hook. 

Simple, sound, and easy for turning funny blog ideas into reality! 

  • Panabee 

This service is an analog of Wordoid. You can create a name for a blog in the form of word combination, abbreviation, etc. when you run out of ideas. It also analyses domain trending names so that you can receive a sound name for your writing service website. 

#4 Make use of Thesaurus

This service is fun and practice for English-speaking bloggers, not just owing to its catchy name.  The tool offers you a bunch of synonyms, definitions, and language tricks. Obviously, the functionality is must-have for naming and writing routine when adding a new funny post to your blog. 

Finally, you got a precise conclusion on how to generate a funny name for your blog. You can blend these tools and come up with at least 5 ideas. Relax and choose the best one in a day or two. Let’s observe funny blog ideas in a fashion niche further. Guides on styling, makeup, and runaways shouldn’t be monotonous and arrogant – make them witty! 

Guides on styling

5 Fun fashion blog post ideas

Idea #1 – Are you a celebrity? 

This approach suggests that you observe the trendy celebrity outfits across various sources. Then you create your mood boards and look based on the celeb’s styles, trends, latest runaways. Spice the articles with humoristic comments, jokes, add, and create memes. BTW, add GIFs to boost the engagement and cite a reader’s attention. 

When you suggest the cheaper solutions for starry outfits, your blog will is practical as well as funny – the loyal traffic is guaranteed! 

Idea #2 – Stay trendy in a gym 

People might understand how to look fashionable on Instagram and on events. But how do they remain stylish when they work out? That’s one of the most fun blog ideas to uncover in your fashion blog. Focus on various sports outfits from the accessories to sneakers. Remember to create mood boards and looks suitable for all budgets – luxury, niche, and money-saving. Soon you’ll become an expert! 

Idea #3 – Carnival and festival outfits

One may have plenty of ideas on how to dress up in the office. But what about festivals? LGBT parades, carnivals, Burning Man, and other open-air celebrations require unusual and brilliant attire. When people run out of ideas, inspire them in your fashion blog. This insight is fun, entertaining, and extremely colorful. Write about TOP-best looks, accessories, and even pet’s costumes ideas!

Idea #4 – Vacation mood 

How to dress up when traveling to various destinations from Egypt to Tokyo? These creative blog ideas may uncover humorous closet tips, local street fashion, and particular brands trendy in this or that part of the world. No doubt, this fashion blog will be hilarious if you have the chance to travel yourself, interviewing people on the streets. Also, you can search for inspiration across social platforms through Instagram locations. 

Idea #5 – Original VS steal 

Not a secret that mass-market brands are collaborating with high-fashion giants adopting their designs for masses. We linkage is not always obvious, so you should reveal it in your fashion blog for those who are trying to save some pennies. 

The bottom line

Now you have a precise understanding of how to create a funny and catchy name for your fashion blog and how to come up with the general blog positioning. Test and try to indicate whats is working best for your audience! Remember to watch YouTube and listen to podcasts online to stay in trend and be aware of the latest events in fashion! 

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