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100% Charged: Fitness Quotes to Keep You Motivated

Do you want to start playing sports, but always put it off for later? It’s time to act! Read five fitness quotes, get an energetic boost, and stay active! 

Each of us is often difficult to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. Today, fast-food restaurants pop up like mushrooms after a spring rain. A crowdy schedule leaves little time for sports, and processed foods are becoming the leading food power. But if you adopt a few fitness motivation quotes, it will be much easier to achieve what you want. So, it starts with a decision to change your life!

A few words about energy management, sports, and health

Time is the primary resource that we always miss. A typical situation: at 4:00 p.m., the day is planned well and “correctly,” taking into account priorities and current tasks, but there is nothing left to do. Does the situation ring a bell? It happens that we don’t have enough energy, not time, not fitness quotes that can inspire us!

But this is not the last valuable resource. There is not enough attention, mental support.

It is necessary to protect (and replenish in the case of energy and attention) all these resources. To do this, you need to monitor nutrition, mode of work, rest, and sleep, learn to concentrate, play sports.

In this article, you will find inspirational workout quotes about energy, health, and sports. 

The dose of motivation: 5 workout quotes from top-models

Models know as well as anyone that a slim body is not a genetic gift, but daily work. I have collected fitness quotes from supermodels to inspire you to new sport achievements.

Gigi Hadid

Looking at the body of supermodel Gigi Hadid, it is impossible to imagine that the girl was a bit chubby! However, the whole of Hadid’s family looks perfect: from mother to a younger sister. It can be assumed that Gigi’s beautiful body is the result of great genes. Because their mother was also a model, and she now looks smart and slim. But it’s not so simple! What is the secret of the top model shape? The secret is in regular workouts! She recognizes that sport encourages her ambitious character and makes her be disciplined.

“My most important idea is just to eat healtihy and train,” Gigi talked about fitness and dieting. “I have played volleyball for 12 years, I rode horses my entire childhood, and now I box every day. . . . Yeah, I think the greatest thing I regularly say is to eat and drink clean to stay fit, and then have a cheat day to stay sane and to get inspired with fitness quotes!”

Gigi Hadid

Bella Hadid

Each new Hadid’s release is a sensation. Photographers love Bella, and she answers them the same, posing and smiling in front of the camera. Bella is organic and attractive. Her face is theatrical, her body is tightened, and she embodies iron fragility. The 22-year-old American let one magazine in on all her secrets behind a well-balanced practice routine for a toned figure, despite an overloaded work program. Our fitness quotes collection cannot do without a wise saying from Bella Hadid.  

“The best sport to sculpt my curves is boxing. But also Body Ballet, I’ve only tried it out once, but I can see the long term effects among my colleagues. Going to the gym for two hours with only 50% motivation is a great way of erasing the sense of fulfillment that boosts self-confidence that you get from a session of physical exercise.”

Bella Hadid

Natalia Vodianova

Natalia Vodianova is a girl from Nizhny Novgorod who can achieve world recognition. Today, she is a successful model, the head of the charity foundation and the mother of five children. In a frantic rhythm of life, she manages to maintain her perfect shape: even after pregnancy, the celebrity has no stretch marks or extra pounds. What is the secret of Natalia’s beauty? 

Her body is the result of daily training and great genes. She promptly was back to top form after all the pregnancies. 

“There are no secrets”, Natalia laughs. “As soon as the doctor permits, I begin to play sports. Pilates is best restored after childbirth. ”

Natalia loves yoga, which is very relaxing after a hard day. The Russian supermodel recently practices dancing with a personal choreographer.

“I don’t want to have strong arms as you get from Pilates or yoga. But dancing arms become your best accessory. And it’s great for your core muscles.”

Natalia Vodianova

Irina Shayk

The Intimissimi lingerie brand muse, Victoria’s Secret “angel”, and baby Leia’s mother, Russian supermodel Irina Shayk attracts a lot of attention on the red carpet. The 33-year-old Irina Shayk looks excellent due to the internal state and, of course, her ideal physical structure. The model gave birth to her first child – daughter Leia – more than two years ago, and after a few months, she was back in full form. How does she do it? Below, you will find fitness quotes by Irina.

“I do work out five times a week, but I’m never dieting. I try to be healthy because to be comfortable and healthful on the inside shows on the outside. I keen on doing Pilates, boxing, and even just going on a run. I do cardio twice a week as it’s essential for people who desire to eat lots like me!”

Irina Shayk

Toni Garrn

Toni Garrn is an incredibly famous German supermodel. Despite her young age, she was able to attract all the most influential designers and prove herself as a very talented and purposeful model. At the moment, she has counted hundreds of incredible and creative photoshoots, performances on the most prestigious catwalks, and indeed, many shootings for advertising campaigns of famous brands. What’s about the sport? The girl takes exercises every day for several hours to keep in good shape not only her body but also her soul. 

‘I love to sweat, so I’ll do any workout class. I do like Barry’s Boot Camp and have recently been getting into spinning. I love to go 305 Fitness dance class because there’s a DJ in the room, so they have marvelous songs and you can dance your ass off.”

In conclusion

If you take into account the motivating quotes, you can derive great benefit from them. Remember, a beautiful figure, energy, and health are impossible to buy. For this, you should make efforts. Most models keep balance in everything as you can see. If you like fried potatoes, sometimes include it in your diet. Can’t you imagine life without ice cream or a piece of cake? You can afford it. The main thing is that products from the category of “unhealthy” foods don’t become the basis of your daily menu and fit into the daily calorie intake. Doesn’t the morning run inspire you? Then find something else: fencing, walking around the city, table tennis, yoga or cardio training. The world is not limited only to fashionable physical activity. And two hours of the walk will burn about the same calories as an hour with iron in the fitness room. Good luck! 

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