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How to relax and stop worrying about everything?

Every day you have hundreds of things to be done: you need to complete assignments at work, clean and cook at home, do homework with your child, wash his clothes and there is no time to chat with friends and just to walk in the park.

And how can you think of rest when there is so much to be done and all is important? And even if you allow yourself to relax a bit, you cannot fully enjoy your rest, because all the time it is spinning in your head that “you still have so many important things to do, but you sit and idle. The faster you start, the faster you finish”.

And this will go on forever: things will never end, and therefore there will be no time for rest when you are not torturing yourself for what you have not done yet. Is there any way out?

Many people often have a fear of not having time to do everything. The world is so rapidly developing and rushing forward, and everyone wants everything to catch and not to lose the moment.

How to relax

What are the consequences of the absence of rest?

It leads to complete loss of vital energy and meanings. In addition, even if you redo everything, you cannot afford to rest. The body is inertia clamped and aimed at work, the brain is in tension. You forgot how it is – just enjoy life. Dream, look through the window at the clouds, admire the beauty of flowers. And just to be free. Then comes such a moment that you can neither rest, enjoy, nor do something.

Where is the way out?

It is very important to divide the internal “territory” and live according to the well-known principle “here and now”: not to mix different spheres of your activity (work, important affairs and rest, idleness), not to impose them on each other.

Getting fully involved in the work, do not forget to stop in time and start doing something else. You need to devote time for yourself and do something of your own: read books, watch movies, go on mini-trips, listen to your favorite music, chat with your family and friends or wander in silence, do what you want, and not what is necessary, useful and effective.

There are a lot of relaxation methods. Here are the most simple and accessible methods.

1. Leave thoughts of work at work

When you close the door of the office behind you, imagine how all the matters remain behind it. Move from thoughts of career to thoughts of personal life. Entering the house, think about the fact that you are in a completely different, important space for you, where there are your relatives and friends, your hobbies and interests.

2. Allow yourself to rest

The biggest problem of workaholics – a ban on rest. Many often say: “I like to lie on the couch with a book, but I can’t afford it, I’m not a bummer, “ As soon as I solve all the issues at work, I will immediately start dancing. ” Do you really believe that at work you can solve all the questions?


3. Meditate

This method is the most effective.  Psychologist proved that it helps to relax 100%. Sit on a chair, straightening your back, but not tensing it. You can sit in Turkish, bent over your legs. Place your hands loosely on your knees, palms up. It is better to close the eyes.

You can begin to meditate for 5−10 minutes a day, gradually bringing the time to 20−30 minutes. Calm the breath, try to free yourself from extraneous thoughts. To do this, focus on your breathing, breathe calmly and shallowly. With each exhalation, start saying to yourself, or quietly a word that calms you, for example: “calm”, “silence” or the Indian word “om”.

4.  Distribute competently affairs

Do not postpone at the end of the day creative tasks or those that require an analytical approach. The brain is immersed in the decision, and it is very difficult to stop, especially if you are doing something important, interesting and exciting. Set aside time for such matters before the lunch break, when all the most urgent matters are already done.

Distribute competently affairs

5. Always find time for yourself.

It is very important to get your priorities straight. Do not forget to mark the time “for yourself” in the list of important cases. Let it be at least 15 minutes. You can do a lot for them – for example, think about how to please yourself after a hard working day.

6. Do not wait any longer for your life to start – live here and now.

“I will buy an apartment, and then …”, ” I will finish the annual report, and …”, “I still need …, and then on vacation.” And the affairs are ended and the apartments are bought, but nothing changes: you have new reports and plans. Stop playing this game with yourself. Live here and now.

7. Take a walk in the fresh air

The surrounding nature brings harmony and tranquility into our lives. Take daily walks for at least 15–20 minutes. Especially it is useful to walk among the trees. It is believed that they are able to pull out all the accumulated negative energy from a person. On weekends, try to be closer to nature.

Try herbal medicine

8. Try herbal medicine

In the evening, coming home from work, brew yourself a cup of good herbal tea from chamomile or mint. Peppermint, chamomile or Melissa is made at the rate of 2 teaspoons of grass per cup of boiling water. Filter before use. In pharmacies, you can find ready-to-drink tea.

9. Take a relaxing bath

For such a procedure, it is sufficient to allocate 20-30 minutes. Fill the bath with water matching the body temperature or slightly warmer. The water should not be hot. It is advisable to add essential oil or foam to it. Calmly immerse yourself in the bath, relax, get rid of different thoughts, concentrate on how you feel good. After the bath, rub with a soft towel and use a well-absorbed lotion or cream with a pleasant smell.

These are simple but effective methods. Choose for yourself the way of relaxation that is more suitable for you, based on the conditions of your life and workload. And let fatigue be a thing of the past.


The rest is essential! Everyone knows what a state of constant stress can lead to, it is important to be able to stop in the rapid flow of life. The ability to relax makes our consciousness clear and gives the strength to go through life easily, successfully solving all problems.

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