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All the Means to Get Instant Likes on Instagram!

Instagram is a great social project today that empower people from all over the world to share their photos and create their own gallery online.

The success and ranking of the account on IG depends on the number of likes that photos gain. In this article, I will tell you how to promote your page and how to get lots of instant likes on Instagram.

The reasons why people seek to get more likes on Instagram

  • to share your explorations and achievements with the whole world

Often, IG users are active, inventive individuals who want to introduce their know-how, victories, and creativity to the world.

As an option, it can be travelers who post remarkably stunning photos from all over the world and share their impressions of visiting one place or another.

  • to increase your self-esteem

Many people participate in the “race of likes” on IG to assert themselves, to cope with various complexes and expand their social circle.

  • to become popular

This goal, in one way or another, is pursued by almost all IG users. People want to see themselves and their actions admired, and their activity approved.

Psychologists around the world have expressed fears about the fact that people start to appreciate virtual life more than a real one because of that.

to become popular
  • to advertise products or services

Most often, the business owner uses IG as a tool for promotion. They publish various photos of their product, advertise it and hold giveaways.

  • to earn on advertising

As in any other social network, you can also earn money on the placement of sponsored posts. Obviously, few people want to promote their product from some unknown person with a small number of followers on Instagram.

Those who want to make money are doing everything to get a lot of likes and to promote their accounts. There is a reward for advertising which directly depends on how popular the profile is.

How to draw the praise of Instagrammers?

Use Hashtags!

The sure-fire way to promote your IG page is to use hashtags.

A hashtag is a tool for promotion on the Internet, which is a label that allows you to distribute messages on topics in blogs and social networks.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags help users find the topic of interest and follow to Instagrammers they are interested in.

Use hashtags with different keywords – this may be the place where the photo was taken, city, country, photo features.

Put all 30 allowable hashtags in the description of one photo. So more Instagrammers will have a chance to see your photo. Put them in the first comment. That won’t distract people’s attention from the picture itself, and they won’t be annoyed by it. Do not worry, it’s working just as if you put them into the text.

Use popular hashtags – you can come up with them with the help of hashtag generator. Usually, they are free, so don’t be shy to use it.

Another thing to keep in mind: do not put too many popular hashtags under your publications. So your photo is at risk of being lost among thousands of similar tags, and the number of likes will not increase.

You can use tags #likes #likesforlikes #likes4likes #likesforfollow #likebackteam #likesreturned #likesforlike #l4l #liker #liketeam #likeback #like4like #like4follow #like4likes #like4tags #likebackalways #instalike #instagramanet #instatag #instalikes #likeall #likeme #likeallmypics #liking #instagramanet #liked #likesfortags to participate in the global movement of mutual liking.

Mark your location!

People often search for photos by the location. They want to see pictures that are taken, for instance, in their own city or town. Or maybe they want to see how people from the other part of the World live. That’s why it won’t be odd to specify the location.

Besides, not only search optimization is a reason to add geolocation. Marking the location, you can show what places do you visit, especially if you are a travel-blogger. That’s one of the tools for promotion as well.

Post photos of pets!

If you do not love pets in real life, you probably would like them on IG, I swear! Cute corgi butts, adorable pretty faces of Siberian husky, graceful and independent cats, we love our little life fellows to the marrow of our bones. That’s why in most cases the photos with them gain more likes than any other human faces. Post your animal companion more often and receive instant likes!

Post photos of pets

Like more!

If you’re a newbie on IG, you need to be extraordinarily generous with likes. Did any stranger like your photo? Do not be lazy to go to his / her profile and thank with the return like. Do not be afraid to initiate that as well – like or comment on your favorite photos. Thus, you may expect to receive pleasant feedback.

Post on the right time!

You can post the most fantastic photo in the world, but no one likes it because you added it in the middle of the night. Please, take into consideration that most of the views are accounted for the first two or three hours after publication. So what time is the best to post a photo?

If your real life at three o’clock in the morning is just beginning, you should be disappointed – at this time most people prefer to sleep than learn Instagram. Not less “dead” is considered to be lunchtime. Experts advise sharing your photos with the world in the morning or in the evening when user activity is highest.

Post photos after dinner. After all, after a hard day of work, people often surf on the Internet.

Post on the right time

Post photos during any special events or holidays. Halloween, Christmas or Valentine’s Day can be a great occasion to post pictures. Of course, in the midst of fun people will be too busy to watch your photos, but they will definitely see them after the holidays.

Do not post photos on a Friday or Saturday evening, otherwise, most people will view, but most likely won’t like them. They are too tired after work.

Use bright filters!

Vivid images with a rich palette are more likely to attract attention than muted and dark photos. A large flow of pictures in the Feed does not allow people to spend a lot of time studying one photo so they would prefer an option that catches the eye and stands out from the masses.

We recommend that you use third-party applications in order to edit and add filters to images to make them more attractive to other users. Clarendon, Juno, Ludwig, Lark, Gingham are among the most popular filters for Instagram. So, if you want to get a lot of followers on Instagram, make sure that your pics worth it.

 Arrange your gallery!

It’s much advantageous to arrange your Instagram gallery in a single unique style. This way your profile will be much more attractive and appealing to the eye of your potential and real followers. If you have attractive IG gallery, instant likes won’t be long in coming.

Arrange your gallery

Become an active user!

For the number of your followers to increase (and with them the number of your likes), you must be an active member of this social network.

Write the caption to every photo and video you post. That will help you to promote your account and make it more interesting.

Comment on the photos of your followers. Once they notice your comment, they will go to your profile to like or comment on some posts as well.

Do not forget to make reposts of your posts to other social networks like Facebook and Twitter that will increase the reach of your posts and theoretically the number of likes.

Post the most exciting pictures!

The essence of Instagram is in the sharing of photos, and therefore the popularity of the page depends on the quality of the published images. So, if you ask yourself a question about how to get, for instance, 2K likes or how to get 2K followers on Instagram, the answer is obvious – analyze how interesting your photos are.

So what photos should you take in order to look favorably among others and collect as many likes as possible?

Photos should be unique. That means that all photos must be taken by you and not be downloaded from the Internet resources.

Do not repeat yourself. If you took a couple of great selfies in a raw, please, do not post all of them on Instagram. Choose the one and publish it.

Take beautiful and interesting pics. Make a photo of a curious interior, unusual phenomena or something original. Make your followers be astonished.

Post the most exciting pictures

Do not take photos of your food too often. They are getting on nerves. But if they are original dishes.

Should you drive up the numbers of likes?

Such a phenomenon as instant likes on Instagram appeared almost immediately after the introduction of Instagram – as soon as Internet users got the opportunity to take pictures in unlimited quantities and immediately upload them on their profiles. People who love sharing photos have probably already thought about buying likes on Instagram and thus realizing their ambitious plans.

Of course, likes on Instagram can be obtained through following all the tips mentioned above. But in some cases, buying likes is the only option. First, the decision to buy some likes on Instagram will provide your account with a rapid increase in popularity. Even if you take very extraordinary pictures, it is difficult to expect that everyone will immediately pay attention to your photos without cheating likes on Instagram, given the huge number of accounts on IG. As a rule, the images that have received lots of likes are the object of interest of the users. So cheating likes on Instagram will eventually increase your popularity by attracting the attention of new users who come to your profile in search of fascinating materials.

A significant number of Instagrammers seek to make likes on Instagram on-line to take first place in a competition. IG users hold various contests all the time, and there is definitely a point to fight for prizes through cheating likes on Instagram, as gifts to the winners can be very pleasant and expensive. Given the fact that the time of the contest is usually limited, it is imperative not to miss the moment and take all the measures to get likes on Instagram quickly.

For a fee or for free?

For some reason, many people dream of getting more likes and Instagram fans, but most are tempted to use various kinds of free programs and services that promise you to get instant likes in the short time. Of course, the opportunity to save pleases, but free tools have a number of significant drawbacks. Programs produce automatic likes that will be received not from real people, but from fake accounts or bots. A distinctive feature of such profiles is the absence of an avatar and other signs of living users. As a rule, the administration of IG easily monitors such cases and takes quick measures to eliminate them.

As practice shows, the most rational will be the choice to buy likes. Please note: I’m talking about buying likes of real users, not bot profiles. You can cheaply buy likes on Instagram in any quantity, be it a few hundred or thousands! Detailed information on each tariff plan is presented on the resource pages. You can get likes from people from certain regions or countries, and you can set limits on age and gender.

For a fee or for free


So, as we see, there are two ways of getting more likes fast. The first way is to strain to attract people’s attention through:

  • Using hashtags properly;
  • Specifying the geolocation;
  • Posting photos of pets;
  • Liking posts of others;
  • Posting on the right time;
  • Using filters;
  • Stylishly arranging your profile;
  • Becoming an active user;
  • Posting only the coolest pics.

Or, there is an alternative to get them without putting any efforts by means of:

  • Cheating to get more likes for free
  • Buy real likes


The development of digital technologies and social networks has led to the fact that every modern person has the opportunity to become a genuinely public person. For many, the likes of Instagram photos have acquired a special meaning, because this is one of the ways to tell about yourself and share your successes and achievements.

I funneled all energies into this article so be sure it contains all the methods that really work. I hope you will make some mental notes and soon you will get more instant like under each of your photos! Good luck to you, Reader!

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