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Fast likes. How to boost your Instagram account?

We all love instant likes on IG? Do you want fast growth of your acc? Read the blog post!

Nowadays Instagram has replaced the TV in the volume of the commercial. As the number of IG accs is constantly increasing, you will find advertising on almost every page. At present, the subject of commercial could be almost everything: the accs of friends, shops with handicrafts, clothing stores, coffee shops, burgers and more. If you run an informative and well-illustrated blog, you or your acc may become someone’s advertisement even without knowing it. To move the acc in the social network to the top use fast likes.

having followers

According to recent research that was contained by Cowen Group “The number of Instagram users will grow from 300 million to 680 million people by 2020”. It means that the opportunity of promotion will increase with the number of pages. This popularity of IG is simply explained by the idea of the absence of limitations. There are no restrictions on the number of likes, followers or posts. In contrast to other social networks, IG presents the idea of being famous without any “hard efforts” and enter the concept of having followers, but not friends. Instead of “friend”, they start to use  “follower” in order not to make this concept burden for the audience. These small changes give a reason to understand that every registered account has a chance to be famous. To become noticeable to other people on IG, you need to think out a plan to promote your page. There are several options:

  1. Create a plan of action by yourself, then plan all publication dates. Reflect on the gallery, track the reaction of the audience and analyze the likes number under the publication. Think about what the audience might be interested in. Find people who can promote your acc, as well as find competitive pages and think up where you can win. In short, one day is not enough.
  2. Of course, you can hire an SMM-manager who will do this for you. But you understand,  that his service may cost you a penny.
  3. The easiest and most convenient option: buy promotion from the bot. Everything is easier than it seems. All you need is to write the desired number of likes, comment, and followers. The bot will do the rest for you. All you need is to create a unique direction of the acc and find ways to promote your product or service.  

That is why we suggest using fast likes in order to move your IG acc to the top of the feed. This program not only helps you to increase popularity on your acc but will do everything for you. All you need is to set preferences and wait for the results.

This program helps you to get fast likes and followers by attracting people and analyzing data for you.  What to expect:

  • Instant delivery of fan base;
  • Enhanced credibility;
  • Increase in website traffic and sales;
  • Often show-ups in “suggestions” more often;

Besides everything which is written above, you are guaranteed to get instant followers, more views, reposts, comments, favorites, and polls!

buy likes and followers

How to buy likes and followers?

It’s not that hard as you can imagine. To buy fast likes and followers, you can follow the link. After that, you will see the field, where you should enter your personal e-mail and username. Then, in the field below, named “Message” you should write what do you want from the program. For example: “Hi! I’d like to buy 1500 followers and about 200 likes per day.” Further, your request is processed. You just have to be patient and wait. The results are not long in coming.

Turning to the services of the bot, you not only get a guaranteed promotion of your acc, but also ongoing support. As an essential bonus of this bot is that he works online with moderate breaks for the imitation real human behavior. In addition, provides 24/7 technical support by email. 

Another good news is that besides Instagram this service is also available for promoting accs on other social networks. T.e., these may be:

  • SoundCloud;
  • Shazam;
  • Spotify;
  • Periscope;
  • FB;
  • Tumbler;
  • Youtube;
  • Twitch;
  • Twitter;
  • Tik Tok;
  • Telegram;

How much does a promotion with a bot cost?

If you want to know how much it costs to make your acc popular, you should click on the blue “shop” button. Then you will see a window in which you can choose not only the necessary social network, but also the number of likes and followers, and friends (if we are talking about Facebook or Vkontakte, for example). Then you choose the packages you need. T.e., the standard – 1000 likes. There are also narrow packages. T.e., you are only interested in promoting photos, or posts, or certain products, or even videos. The greatest number of likes is 3000 thousand.

Each package has its own price. To learn more about this, follow the link.

Also, you can state how many likes do you want to see within an hour. This indicates in the column “amount”. The smallest number is 10 and the greatest is 1000.

Besides, there is the option of selecting a region and even a gender. For example, the products you want to promote, more suitable for women than men, then you can apply a filter and select the desired value.

Payment is made using PayPal payment system.

promote your account

Why you should choose a bot to promote your account?

  • High performance;

Service performs actions at a great speed. The average speed of getting likes/followers – 25 000+ per day;

  • Reliable service;

Service add only high-quality likes+followers for the IG accs;

  • Quality;

Nobody gets bans due to strict adherence of Instagram limits. So all metrics remain active and forever will be with your Instagram acc;

  • Gifts.;

Services always have some special offers. T.e.,: for 2 000 likes you can get 1000 followers as a pleasant gift.

If you are still in doubt, you can go to the link and read reviews of people who have already tried the work of the bot and convinced of its effectiveness.

Note that you can not apply smart filters in buying likes or followers. If you need your TA (target audience), you’d better try to use Instagram bot with advanced settings. But the likes you’ve bought can make your acc more impressive without interaction and catch the attention of new visitors of your IG acc. Some of the ghost followers will unfollow you while a week (10 – 30% on the average), but the most part will remain your followers forever.

large number of followers

Why do you need to tell the whole world about your Instagram account?

1. To cause interest to the business;

Accs with a large number of followers cause instant interest. When a person founds a new acc and sees that 20k people have already signed up for this page, he is unlikely to look at all the photos, read into the texts, calculate the ratio of the number of followers to the number of likes and comments under the photos. Most scroll through a couple of photos and subscribe, so as not to lose the page and later consider this acc more closely.

2. To save precious time;

It’s always tons of time and efforts if you promote your own brand on social networks manually. To use a bot or special programs to attract likes and followers, not only saves you time, but also simplifies the whole organization of the promotion process.

3. To accommodate personal needs;

Now many people perceive Instagram as a means of storing photos or to demonstrate their lives. Thus, many people often post photos of their luxury vacations, a new apartment, food from fashionable places with only one goal – to boast. Their ego starves for a large and even a huge followers or likes number under the photos – in order to wipe the nose of their rival girlfriend or throw dust in the eyes of colleagues.

4. To have a chance to take part in competition;

IG allows you to participate in contests and your number of likes under a photo or comment can speak about a larger army of fans or good support. This may affect the results of the competition.

5. To have a chance to collaborate with someone;

A big amount of followers or likes may attract some famous or creative people to your page, and they may suggest cooperating.

6. To increase the credibility of your acc;

A large number of followers creates a sense of trust. The mechanism of the action is simple. A person visits your page, sees about a thousand followers and likes, and starts thinking that you know the useful information. In that case, people subscribe without even reading your posts.

7. To earn on making a commercial on the Internet;

Like any other social network, IG allows you to earn money without leaving home. To succeed in the implementation of promotional activities, you need to have a well-proven acc. This can be done by attracting subscribers and likes.

social networks

For which accounts this promotion can be useful?

Of course, accs promotion can be useful to all social networks. But first of all, it is worth to analyze the market and make sure that such social networks as Instagram and Telegram are currently gaining the most popularity. At the moment, there is the largest number of people registered on these social networks. This number is growing every day. In particular, private blogs and accs of online stores are becoming very popular. The topics of these pages can vary from healthy eating, training at home or in the gym, to different life hacks and topics dedicated to solving different problems. For example, starting with self-doubt and ending with the eating disorder.

First things first, the promotion will be necessary for newcomers. Usually, they have a rigid plan and know the exact purpose of their blog. They full of energy and are willing to devote a lot of time to its development. At the initial stage of the career, the acquisition of quick followers and likes will be a good start. For example, buy about 30 Instagram likes per day, to get to the top when searching.

followers and likes

Second things second, the acquisition of followers will be a big plus for the acc, aimed at advertising and selling their own goods. These can be shops with handmade production, or, for example, stores that sell various hype products that currently get the greatest popularity. These items are sports bottles, planners, jewelry, as well as haberdashery, books, and cosmetics.

The idea of promoting your page seems simple, but few people realize what this may lead to. Many people, who have already realized the power of social networks, are unlikely to return to their everyday life. The beauty of social networks is that every person has a chance to become famous. The main thing is not to give up, to believe in the success of your idea. Wait for the results. A bot is a good opportunity to start a career, or just to maintain the visibility of your business on the Internet. In addition, the bot will help you not only save time that you could spend on promotion or search for a sponsor, but also make your life easier by replacing you with a full-fledged assistant.

To finally motivate you not to be afraid of using the bot to attract subscribers, I’ll give an example of a Russian blogger who has made a successful career, first becoming famous on Instagram. The girl names Nastya Ivleeva. She started her career with filming short videos on IG, called vines. Then she scored a bunch of followers and was noticed and invited to become a TV presenter of travel show “Orel y Reshka”. Now she is offered roles in movies and other TV shows. And this is all due to social networks capabilities, which are opened in front of us!

Anyway, the decision is up to you. Do not miss the opportunity to become famous, and show yourself to the world, especially if you have something to say. But do not forget that real life is far more important than the virtual one.

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