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Content marketing on a small budget

Useful tips that won’t cost you a fortune!

Modern companies cannot do without a solid content strategy.  We all know, humans all over the globe consume tons of information every day, and every marketing specialist is always interested in grabbing at least some time of a common user or just a bit of his attention. But the content of high-quality costs a lot, and esp if you want a branded one.

Here are some tips that have proven to be efficient and will definitely help business to save the budget.

Make a detailed plan

If you need to have a professionally handled Instagram account, please, take your time and make a plan for content marketing, avoid silly errors and, consequently try to reduce expenses. Here I can give you a few tips:

1. Identify who your potential clients are. What do they read? What websites do they visit every day?

2. Examine in detail what your business rivals do.

3. Every time you have a worthy idea, note it. Remember, the content should help you to achieve your goals.

4. So define the aims you want to achieve. And it’s better to make marketing aims coherent to your content. Don’t be lazy, try to have the definite goal for every publication you plan to do.

5. Identify the distribution channels of your content.

6. Make a media plan: what, when and how much to publish.

8. Spread and do not forget to evaluate the results.

Make a detailed plan

It will take time and research to make a good plan for content marketing. But it is definitely worth it. Planning is something that will help to work at no additional cost plus organize logical and effective work.

Blog on your website

Do you want a free content marketing channel? Then blog on your website!  If you want to be the greatest in your sphere, you need to show it. So your own blog will definitely be a great method to show that.

Make articles attractive and readable for your potential clients. Do not forget about the elements of planning – a portrait of the client, the frequency of publications, distribution channels of new blog posts.

If you want to attract new readers to the blog, take into account SEO optimization. Don’t let the visitors go that easy: add subscription forms, call/capture widgets, the promise of discounts and gifts, etc. Generate leads right on your own website, get contact information, and then remind the readers about new interesting articles to read or lucrative offers.

Blog on your website

Use video

YouTube is becoming more and more popular every day. So you should use video to promote via commercial accs.

Just imagine: people remember only 20% of the info after they have read the text and 80% after watching the video. So video content is an excellent alternative to texts that you plan to publish.

Ideas for video:

– a review of your goods, service or business;

– tutorial on how to use the product or services;

– advertising viral videos;

– webinars or useful videos;

– video of participation in conferences, etc.

Learn how to create simple videos yourself if you have the time and desire. Or hire freelancers that will do this for a small fee. And afterwards place these videos on your blog or in any other social media channels.

Social networks

Social networks are ideal platforms for content distribution. It’s important to differ the type of content for every social network.

Upload your interesting videos on YouTube, tell people about your company’s news on Twitter, put your product photos on IG and publish almost any kind of content on FB.

Make sure that you use SNS where the target audience is presented.

Social networks

Share personal information

It’s always interesting for TA if a company shares personal info, stories, facts, and ideas of your company. People love when companies talk about their insides. It can create a great channel of trust and a sense of family between your TA and you. Just show the world they want to see. It doesn’t cost a fortune.

Expand the boundaries

No matter what your business is, you may always create a message that will attract the attention of those who are “out of the topic”.

T.e., if the company is dedicated to cars, you may create a message on the topic “The 5 fastest cars of Hollywood movies that people can afford”.

This is unobtrusive hidden advertising, which may not sell immediately, but will provide you with an additional “touch” of potential clients. Plus it will be juicy to read to a wide audience.

White Books

The White Paper (English white paper) is a three-dimensional guide to the use of any product. So if your business is hard to understand, a simple landing page is not enough: you need detailed instructions.

Guides have been and will be very popular, as people always want to know how to do something in the right way. Case studies on real examples, guides, reports and checklists also catch the people’s interest.

White Books


Texts are probably the most inconvenient type of content for Internet users. A large percentage of people leave the page with the article after reading just 20-30% of the text. Do not dwell on the “tons” of the text, dilute it with pictures and graphics!

Infographics are visual content where beautiful graphic elements are combined with numbers and texts. People like infographics because it’s easier to learn than regular text. Try to use it as often as possible.

No matter what strategy you choose for the promotion of your company, you always need to take into account that people like or share only content of high-quality. If you are faced with a lack of ideas for your content plan, you’d better not post new messages for a few days, but wait until you have inspiration and a good topic. Or you just seek copywriting services from pro authors. The main thing is to always choose the quality of the messages, but not their quantity.


Plus remember, that these practical tips for improving your content marketing are absolutely free. Elevate the marketing performance!

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